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Candle Aire Tin
Candle Aire Tin
Candle Aire Tin

Candle Aire Tin

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Fragrance Tins from Candle Warmers Australia holds more fragrance when filled with wax and lasts longer compared to scented gels, oils, or sprays.

Changing fragrances is quick, clean and simple with fragrance tins.  Fragrance tins are reusable, and can be emptied, wiped clean, and refilled with our wax melts.

Create the fragrance and ambiance of a lit candle without flame soot, or other pollutants. Choose from a variety of custom scents from Candle Warmers Australia.

Price is for 1 Aire tin which is compatible with our Aire Fan Fragrance Warmers.

Holds 114 Grams of wax.