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Rhodonite Angel Small Crystal Grid
Rhodonite Angel Small Crystal Grid

Rhodonite Angel Small Crystal Grid

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Small Frame

15cm x 15cm x 3 cm



Clear Quartz


Arranged lovingly on Italian cotton paper.



'Rhodonite’ Self Love and Confidence.

‘I use my gifts to fulfil my soul’s purpose.

I am living the life I was meant to live'.



All crystals are cleansed before joining a crystal grid using white sage.Gorgeous gift for any occasion.

Perfect for the bedroom, living room or meditation space this placement will aid you aligning your energy, achieve your best and support you to vibrate on a higher level.

To re-charge place under the light of a full moon.




Stone of compassion.Love and nurtures.

Emotional balancer.

Clears emotional wounds.

Aids in achieving ones full potential.Balances Yin and Yang energy.

Clear Quartz ~

Stimulate the immune system

Reinstates bodily balance Cleanses and restores energy systems Amplifies the energy of surrounding crystals.

Hand crafted by Stone and Home Love

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