Candle Warmers opens in Australia 2014

When I first discovered this product from Candle Warmers Etc from America not only were the products stunning but the safety of them was an absolute standout.


As a Candle maker enthusiast it really is something which I have always enjoyed using in my home to not only fill my house with a beautiful fragrance but also the benefits that it provides through relaxation and ambiance.


Of course being blessed with 4 children the experience of enjoying a candle moved to a very nervous experience having an open flame in my house with a near fire due to a very curious 4yr old. It was at this point I was driven with so much motivation to have this product available to not only myself but others in Australia. It allows those with young children , elderly , many small business's  and those living in small unit blocks to still enjoy the ambiance of a candle safely without a flame.


These products have taken the Australian market by storm and has gained a huge following. The dangers of a flame are still been seen on the news when you hear of house fires and exploding candles and this product will prevent these instances occurring in the home. Candle Warmers are unique as they are safe. There is no flame which eliminates the dangers of burning candles indoors, especially important if you have children. They capture the light and ambience of a burning candle without smoke or soot in the air, and on the walls or ceiling.


Lastly, candle warmers are quick and use a long lasting halogen bulbs which melts the candle to release fragrance quickly, while still giving the candle a longer life than that of a flame.


Our range has extended to a variety of different collections meaning there is something for everyone when it comes to selecting a stunning home décor piece and at the same time filling your home with beautiful fragrances or essential oils.

It is my pleasure to be the Director of Candle Warmers Australia and I my sincere hope is that you enjoy the products in your home or office, as much as I do in my own.

Kylie Tragardh
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