Wholesale Referral Program

How is business going in 2019?

Have you put in some good ground work in the first half of the year? If not it's never too late to be proactive to ensure a successful end to the year.

We are here to help to prepare you for the busy Christmas season which will be here before we know it. So you can enjoy this time the best you can it is great to be organised. If you are organised it allows you to capture those sales and let your customers know if you have the perfect product to suit their needs.

We will be moving over to a BRAND new website which means AFTERPAY will be available.

We wanted to share some sneak pics of the new products Candle Warmers have released.

If you know of any other businesses who may benefit from stocking our products we have the referral program. Refer a business & if they are approved and place an order you will receive $50 in store credit.

Im so excited for a very profitable and busy time for all of you this festive season.

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